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Some steps of working

Putting cameo on stick1

#Putting cameo on stick

Putting cameo on stick2

#Putting cameo on stick

Fase di lavorazione di un cammeo

#Step of working

First, the cameo is shaped then attached on to a wooden stick with a hot, waxy compound called "pece".

Then the design of the cameo is chosen. If the subject is complicated, the first plane is drawn and carved away then subsequent planes are drawn on the remaining surface. Electric drills may be used during the first phase of the work to remove the outer crust and for the overall shaping of the cameo. In the later stages, hand chisels are used to refine the shape and the design details. The extent to which hand chisels are used is subject to the skill and dexterity of the carver. For commercial productions mostly electric drills are used for speed. The differences between hand and electric tools on the cameo are hard to distinguish unless examined by an expert.